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Building a climate-smart
smallholder platform


Transfer of Skills

High-Quality Inputs

Market Access


Relative cost of food is 


higher in Africa

(& the absolute cost is high too)

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Africa can grow agricultural productivity 


mainly through yield improvements of smallholder farmers

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Stable Foods' Solution

Stable Foods unlocks smallholders’ hidden potential at scale to produce affordable food for a growing population.
Our end-to-end platform for smallholders includes Irrigation-as-a-service (IaaS), provision of inputs, market access, and training on regenerative agriculture best practices. These services are offered as a menu to smallholder farmers, allowing them to layer solutions as suits their needs.


Why Alex joined Stable Foods

"I started farming right after primary school. It was a difficult business as sometimes I had success, but other times my crops failed. Especially the school fees for my eight children were very difficult to pay. When I was introduced to Stable Foods, I discussed the partnership opportunity with my family and decided to join. We have seriously benefited! I now earn a stable, predictable income. I have learned so much from Stable Foods about farming. I was the first partner for Stable Foods, and I am excited to convince other farmers to join and together grow the economy of our region".

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